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Play4Cash - Play and Earn Cash. This is best Online platform to earn money while playing online game. Every hours you can earn cash by securing position on top 10 players. You can withdraw winning cash to your account easily.

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  • This is simple memory game. You need to click on cards & remember card and try to open same card. Once same card open same time, then these cards will be removed from board. When all cards will be removed from board, then game will be finished. Rank calculated by number of moves and time to finish the game.

  • When you click on any card in board, time count will start. When click card, it flips and open in front side. Card will open until you click on another card. If both cards are same then both cards will be removed from board. If not same, then both cards will flips and hide the front side. You can't click on 3rd card till both cards are open.

  • Every hour top 10 players will be rewared with cash according to their rank. Reward will be given Indian Rupees according to below rank table:

    RankReward Amount

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